All You Need To Know About R3000 Router

There is no second opinion in the fact that science and technology has introduced us with many innovative discoveries and inventions. These inventions have not only made our life much easier but have also fastened the lifestyle of mankind. Internet has brought huge revolution in the history of mankind due to which the whole world has been turned into a global village. This globalization has shortened the distances among people. People are getting amazed by latest technology that is being produced every now and then. Router is one such invention which has lessened our work load. In this article, we will be discussing everything about r3000 router.


Router is the device which forms a connecting network between two or more than two devices. It sells signals from one device to another within a certain distance. Two or more than two devices can be connected to a single router at a time. Router gets connected with that particular device that gets assigned to the similar IP address. Routers are composed of different components which may vary from ROM to RAM and from Flash Memory to Interfaces.

Difference between router and modem:

Even though, both; router and modem are connecting devices but there lays some differences between the two. Modem connects to the internet on the other hand router connects different devices to the Wi-Fi system. There are various types of routers like r2000 dual, robustel r3000 wire line and r3000 quad. Similarly, there are different types of modems like m1000xp, m1000usb, etc.

R3000 router:

R3000 router is the Robustel industrial router that provides the service of mobile connectivity from one device to another. It is a dual sim cellular router with two of the Ethernets. It provides an extraordinary cellular WAN link management. Moreover, it gives an incredible support to modbus gateway and GPS services. It provides an automatic through SMS, caller ID and timing. It gives a wide range of input voltages varying from approximately nine to sixty VDC. R3000 router can further be categorized into various models which may differ from r3000 quad to r3000 wire line and from r3000-3P to r3000-4P.

 Conclusively, we can say that r3000 router can easily be connected with multiple devices. It can work perfectly even in harsh environments and conditions. It provides an extremely fine, secured and wireless connection to all of the connected devices.


Science and technology has bestowed us with many different inventions which have made our life easier in so many ways. Router is one such invention which provides the connectivity or WI-FI signals to multiple devices that are connected to the router at the same time. R3000 is one such type of router which has incredible features of providing extremely fine signals even at harsh environments and conditions. It is dual sim cellular router with two Ethernets. “Robustel ANZ” offers the best quality of routers like r3000 router and many other such routers, all across the Australia and New Zealand.

What Is A Plunge Pool?

Who doesn’t like to go for a swim especially when its summer? Plunge pools have become increasingly popular since more people prefer to get them for their kids. Plunge pools are a great way to escape the summer heat. They help you stay refreshed all day long. 

One of the best things about plunge pools is that they come in various sizes so you can easily choose one that fits the best according to your need. Their different designs make them the most preferred choice of customers. 

In this article we will give you a number of different reasons why you should buy a plunge pool for your kids to escape the summer heat: 

Plunge pools come in various sizes and shapes

The best thing about getting plunge pools is that they come in various sizes. Whether you have little space in your yard or large space you can always get a pool that fits perfectly in your yard. Most people prefer getting medium-sized plunge pools as they are easy to fill up with water. Apart from size plunge pools come in various shapes as well. They can be round, square-shaped or rectangular shaped. The rectangle-shaped pools look very classy even when not used for swimming. 

They are easy to clean 

One of the greatest benefits of having plunge pools is that they are easy to maintain and clean. Unlike big public pools that are very hard to clean on a regular basis, plunge pools are not only easy to fill but are easy to clean as well. The smaller size means less dirt will find its way inside the pool. It also means that the cleaning process takes lesser time and you can even use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. 

They are less expensive and easily available 

One of the biggest reasons why you should buy these hot tubs is that they are cheap and easy available. Plunge pool prices are comparatively lower and they are quality based. These pools come in a good price range so that everyone can easily get one and benefit from them. Make sure to always survey for their prices in the market so that you don’t miss out on any sort of discount. 

These are great for exercising

You might not believe it but plunge pools are great for exercising purposes. They have countless benefits for human health, especially children. We would highly recommend you to get a plunge pool in your house so that your children do not have to go to public pools. Plunge pools are cleaner and safer as compared to public pools. 

Don’t waste your time and buy yourself a plunge pool to enjoy the summer!