What Is A Tribute Band?

A tribute band is a group of musicians who specifically play the tunes of someone or some band which is already famous for the same. They may try to sing in the same style as the artist and styles of Beatles and Rolling Stones. They even mimic the types of vocals and appearances of the group and name themselves in similarity to the original band’s name.  

  • They have been established in honor of the original bands yet they have their own fans. One of the examples is a band dedicated to One Direction; they have finished four UK theatre tours and debuted their own show on London’s West End in October 2015. The first biography of a tribute band was published in 2002, by SAF in London. It was titled Being John Lennon and in the tribute of The Beatles. Some of the tribute bands are Live Jews, Pizza Underground etc. They have been in the scene from a long time and thus they are popular.
  • They have a subculture of their own and are self-sustaining touring entities. They recreate the environment similar to the bands which are being emulated from and the performance delivered is remarkable. They often follow only one celebrity but they may mimic different genres and personalities. They keep expanding their arsenal to keep their audiences intact. For their entertainment, they also play the music of the choice of the audience.
  • But most of the tribute bands perform for the part-time and so they may be found performing occasionally at different times. They do not include an original member and if done so, it is called a spinoff band. They conduct guest appearances. They perform at local places and neighborhood pubs and music venues. The Beatles tribute band hardly has funds and most of the equipment is brought by their personal finance. At times, they are also found performing parodies where they change the lyrics or add some funny sentences or dialogues in the middle of the song. A plagiarism is common among them, they may play such music. They travel abroad at times to perform at the tourist places or as a corporate band hire Melbourne.
  • They have a booming business due to the services such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music. They have remarkable contents and so one may even prefer purchasing those songs replacing the originals. One may even participate in a tribute band if they possess the right skills. It is a profitable business but it is necessary to understand its dynamics.