The Importance Of A Letter Of Introduction In Job Applications

In conclusion, documents are specifically required to be concise with an average number of pages recommended to three as employers rarely progress after initial two pages. A letter of introduction or a letter of application is considered very important when it comes to getting success with your job hunts and presenting your application in a better light to prospective employers. Experts state that employers prefer applications that have a customised letter of introduction. Therefore let’s see some of the benefits you can gain by taking time to draft a personalised letter of application. Stand out from the crowd: in this day and age, job applicants face tough challenges when it comes to getting noticed or being even short listed for an interview. A carefully drafted cover letter that accompanies CVs, have a better chance of being considered by employers. It s gives the applicant the opportunity to clearly highlight how his or her skill set matches with the requirements of the organisation. As this letter is the first the employer or hiring manager will see, it allows the applicant to immediately highlight why he or she should be short listed. So it is great to be notices especially when it comes to stiff competition. 

Shows effort:

today you find many applicants randomly sending applications for vacancies they like. Very few would take the time to read carefully the job requirements and research a bit more about the company before sending an application. This can cause the HR department’s role difficult as well. However a carefully thought out letter of application will show to recruiters the effort you have put in trying to get to know the job and the company better. This will automatically give you more chances of getting in to the shortlisted pool.

Attitude and character:

the way you professional CV write the letter and how to show your skills indicated your attitude and personality that cannot be seen in an application or curriculum vitae. After all it is noted that attitude and personality are things that cannot be taught, while skills can be, so employers are looking out for people that have attributed and character that match their organisation. Therefore the letter becomes one way in which you can show how you are the person for the job. There are many benefits as you can see of carefully drafting a cover letter. In todays technologically advanced society, your social media presence on sites like linked in can also be your cover letter of sorts. That does not mean you do not write a personal letter. It means that you need to have your professional social media sites updated and looking good. Another thing to remember is never to copy paste a generic cover letter as this will only cause your application to be tossed out in most cases. So take the time to carefully draft each cover letter making it relevant to the vacancy and the company you are applying to.